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Devdaha (Dev Daha, देवदह ) is a municipality in Rupandehi District of Nepal, the ancient capital of Koliya Kingdom, located 57 km east of Lumbini and east of Butwal and shares a border with Nawalparasi district on the east side. It is identified as the maternal home of Queen Mayadevi, Prajapati Gautami and Princess Yasodhara. There are many places to visit in Devdaha. It is believed that Prince Siddhartha had spent some years of his childhood with his step-mother/aunt Prajapati Gautami in Devdaha.

In Sanskrit Language, Deva means god and Daha means a pond hence the literal meaning of Devdaha is “pond of a God”. It is believed that the gods and goddesses and saints bathed in this pond. Prince Siddartha himself is believed to have bathed in this holy pond during his visit here in Devdaha. Because it came into existence without human intervention, hence divine (Pali: sayañjāto vā so daho, tasmā pi Devadaho) and the water of this holy pond was supplied in the Koliya Palace. The ancient Koliya Kingdom and present Devdaha received its name Devdaha from this very holy pond.

According to the Buddhist text Dulva (Rockhill, p. 12), the city was founded by Sākiyans from Kapilavatthu, when they grew very numerous. The spot was pointed out by a deva, hence its name.